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Guild Message of the Day - May 26th
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Mutated News

By: Eldacar - March 15th

Heroic raiding begins!

Morchok redusert til en steinrøys - dobbelt opp!

By: Eldacar - March 6th

U mad Bro!!

Deathwing død. Mutated, Destroyers End

By: Eldacar - February 20th

Spine of Deathwing knekt

Spineless takket være fantastiske healere

By: Eldacar - February 7th

Warmaster Blackhorn senket

Nye lootship?

By: Eldacar - February 7th

Ultraxion død

Tok noen tries, men ned gikk han

By: Eldacar - January 20th

Hagara the Stormbinder stormet!

2 forsøk, og borte vekk. Godt jobba

By: Eldacar - January 6th

Yor'sahj borte!

blobby dude

By: Eldacar - January 6th

Warlord Zon'ozz død!

Litt mer jobb denne gangen

By: Eldacar - December 5th

Morchok død og begravet!

Joke of a boss

By: Eldacar - December 3rd


En stor takk til Baradiel (Carl) som sponset hjemmesiden vår!

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